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Ara Gemilang Saintifik is headed by an experienced Sales and Service manager who have a long history in their area of expertise. Supported by a growing sales team and excellent technical service team, we are confident of growing Ara Gemilang Saintifik to be one of the reputable scientific company in Malaysia.

Ara Gemilang has made quite an achievement even though the company is relatively new. The performance is contributed by the company’s strength and our extensive customer network throughout the years.

We consider the knowledge of operating our equipment as a valuable asset that needs to be acquired by all researchers and development scientists in working their expensive equipment and handling their precious samples and specimens.


We are always committed in
understanding needs of
researchers everywhere.


We are recognized experts in
applications, methodologies, lab
processes that directly impact your
day‐to‐day operations.


Our service professionals offer a
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Specially Design for

The world is evolving and technology is
developing. All laboratories want the latest
technology in the lab and we can provide it
for you

Freeze Dryer and Lyophilizer

SP Scientific (VirTis), U.S

Extensive range of freeze drying equipment that meets the requirement of reseachers from laboratory to production scale.

Sample Concentrator and Evaporator

SP Scientific (Genevac), U.K

Centrifugal vacuum evaporation technology. The latest and state of the art evaporation systems. 

Advanced Aseptic Pharmaceutical Processing Equipment

SP Scientific (PennTech), U.S

The only brand to manufacture complete aseptic vial processing lines. 

Innovative Technology

Helping you make more time for science.
Helping you reach your goals.

Sterile Filling Systems for Pharmaceutical Industries

SP Scientific (I-Dositechno), Spain

Complete lyophilization and aseptic fill-finish capabilities in liquid filling, syringes, and cartridges.

Fast Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC)


A cost-effective alternative to standard purification techniques such as HPLC or Flash Chromatography

Agar preparation and dish filling

BioToolSwiss, Switzerland

OEM developers of laboratory instruments of peristaltic pumps, Petri-dish fillers, and media preparator

Variety Sets of Equipment

You might need a lot of equipment and it is difficult to get it from various suppliers. We solve that problems with provide everything in complete set.


Optima, Japan

Quantitative measurement, spectrum measurement, kinetic measurement possible. Standard temperature measurement.

Preparative HPLC & Flash, Consumables and reagents

Interchim, France

Specializes for R&D and industry laboratory in the fields of fine chemistry, chromatography, and bio-analysis

General equipment, lab consumables, medical devices and materials

Biomedia, Singapore

Manufacture for Biomedical and Life Sciences products range

The Future Is In Your Hands

We strive to provide the best solutions for your research needs and we believe we can help you to change the future of the world through sciences and technologies

We also have the accreditation from the relevant authorities to supply  this equipment to your labs.